Few topics in recent years have ignited as much public debate as the balance between religion and politics. The very heart of this important issue is addressed by one of the leaders on the topic, Charles J. Chaput, Archbishop of Denver.  While American society has ample room for believers and nonbelievers alike, he argues, our public life must be considered within the context of its Christian roots.

What if you had the opportunity to ask Pope Benedict XVI any question you wanted?  Some people got to ask the Holy Father those questions that most trouble us, like:  - How is Jesus present in the Eucharist? I can't see Him. - How can women have a hand in governing the Church?  - What is the relationship between Catholics and people of other faiths?  And many more questions....and answers!

This is one of the greatest spiritual classics ever written.  Brother Lawrence teaches how to effectively bring God into our everyday life.  This book is a collection of documented conversations and letters that communicate to us the practical wisdom needed to bring God into every moment.  Because of this format  it is most naturally and powerfully experienced through audio.

Render Unto


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Practice of the Presence of God

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Dark Night of the Soul

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Saint Paul

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In this book, Pope Benedict XVI, a profound spiritual leader in his own right and a first-rate theologian and Bible commentator, explores the legacy of Paul. Pope Benedict follows the course of the Apostle's life, including his missionary journeys and his relationship with the other apostles of Jesus such as St. Peter,  St. James, and Paul's martyrdom in Rome.

The Fathers of the Church exhorted believers in the face of persecution while fighting heresies and misunderstandings. They were theologians and philosophers, leaders and problem solvers, martyrs and heroes.  Pope Benedict explains the stories of their rich history and the vital role each one played in not only preserving the Church at the time, but anchoring the Church of today as well as the future.

Wisdom of Pope Benedict XVI

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What happens when the consolations of the spiritual life can no longer be found?  St. John of the Cross shows us how this 'Dark Night of the Soul' is an opportunity to grow closer to God.  At the same time, the work is one of grandiose prose and melodious verse that have solidified it as one of the most popular and authoritative books on the spiritual life.

Old South Jamboree

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Lost radio broadcasts from 1973-1976.  Live recordings that were found on reel-to-reel tape and converted to CD some 40 years later!  Nearly 14 hours of live entertainment from the stage of the Old South Jamboree.

Church Fathers

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